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For a full list of modelling references, please see my purpleport page.

I am happy to provide details of riggers I have worked with, models I have tied and people I have photographed.

"My first ever fetish shoot was with Scarlot and I've been shooting with her every year since.


I adore working with Scarlot, her pre shoot communication is excellent and she always arrives drama free and fully prepared. An enthusiastic and natural model and great fun to work with and someone I always can't wait to shoot.

Her contribution and discussion points are always spot on and we always end up "shooting" off in different directions. This adds a level of spontaneity that helps create some great images. Scarlot also always travels with a great lingerie collection - enough said !!

I cannot recommend her enough - one of my favourite people in the world."

- Photographer, Graham B

"I have worked with Scarlot Rose several times now, each time has been enormously enjoyable, whether she has been modelling alongside me, photographing me, or both at the same time! 

I have never met someone with so much drive passion and creativity rolled into one perfect package, she is always willing to give you 100% and is very dedicated. Scarlot is so good at making people feel energised and at ease, while being extremely professional and speedy. To top it all off, her photography is so wonderful, it is easy to see how that knowledge transfers back into her modelling. 

In brief, Scarlot is an absolute delight and I can’t wait for our upcoming shoots!"

- Model, FaerieWIllow

Joan Von Brook 2.jpg

Photography: Joan Von Brook, teaching with Christian Red

"I don't need to tell you how accomplished and talented Scarlot is as a model. Wherever I go, people are either aware of her work or have booked her several times already. She loves what she does and is incredible at it.


The recent 'Shooting Shibari' workshops we ran together were somewhat out of our comfort zone. We'd shot and tied together many times before but had long discussed wanting to shed a light on shibari (Japanese rope bondage) in a way that emphasised the close interpersonal connection whilst still celebrating the aesthetic beauty. 

Scarlot planned the workshops and organised the day to a t. She works so hard and thinks through the experience in such detail that it makes my life incredibly easy. 

I'm so pleased with how the workshops have gone so far. It's felt like we were sharing something intimate but the photographers were also collaborating in that and shaping it through their lens. I can't wait for future instalments 

Scarlot remains a joy to collaborate with, both professionally and privately and is a wonderful friend. I look forward to our continuing development."

- Rigger, Christian Red

"Scarlot Rose gives everything, I mean everything. The model I took back to the station after two days of shooting in my studio was broken, beyond exhausted. And I hadn't pushed her. The two most physically demanding genres in modelling are full suspensions and underwater. On our second day together she did both - at her request. I have enormous respect for this lady.

This was our second set of two day shooting together and is even more memorable for me than the first which was some 12 months back. 

The second day started with some dance and jump sequences around the studio street lamp. Miss SR then demonstrated a skill I did not know she had - rope work of the highest order. When she requested that we shoot Shibari, I expected that I would have to do the tying and prepared for it. Not a bit of it - the resourceful lady did her own rope work on a table and when she was ready, I simply removed the table and there she was, suspended between heaven and earth, ready for me to shoot. She must have done half a dozen or more full suspension sets - I was flabbergasted. And to top it all, the quality of her rope work is superb and some of the neatest I have seen.

We then went to the pool and the already exhausted Scarlot Rose continued with her suspension regime - this time in the wet, above water ! The day finished with a mermaid, tail and all, two metres under the water.

What do I say after all this ? That this model communicates well, arrived on time, is well groomed, has a lovely petite physique ? All that would sound trite, kinder-garden stuff.

Scarlot Rose is much more than all that. In spite of her diminutive physical stature, she is majestic !"

- Photographer, Carl Grim


Photography: Clover, Rigging: WykD_Dave

"We have worked with Scarlot on a number of occasions and I can't recommend her highly enough. 

On this recent shoot we got the best images we've taken with her to date and that's saying something given the very high quality of all her previous work. 


We hope to shoot again soon!"

- Rigger, WYKD_Dave

"I've worked with Scarlot on numerous occasions now on a variety of projects. Each and every time she blows me away with her professionalism, posing ability and attention to detail.

Scarlot's portfolio speaks for itself. She's an incredibly talented model who is flexible with her look and styling. One minute she can be poised en pointe, the next she's strong and powerful for a latex outfit. I was quite nervous working with her the first time due to the high standard of work that she's produced with other photographers but any fear that I had quickly vanished after checking the back of my camera a few shots in. She produces top quality results time after time.


I always look forward to working with Scarlot and can't wait till the next time we get together again. Love this lady and I've no doubt you will too. Book her immediately! It will be the best money you've spent all year."

- Photographer, FDQ

"Scarlot organised with Christian Red a second Shooting and Understanding Shibari Workshop at Oasis Studio as a follow on from the event held at Natural Light Space as few months ago


This was an other Awesome and Spectacular day with Scarlot and Christian being the perfect hosts and super informative tutors in, and superb practitioners of this ropework art form


Safety brief reference where to tie and where not to tie was comprehensive and as important why certain areas should be avoided


The workshop was an immersive experience and Scarlot and Christian worked with the photographers, with a variety of simple ties and rope patterns, we did ourselves using one of the other photographers as a partner.


an awesome experience that brought the whole rope genre to life by participation 


The full workshop was superb, as with the initial workshop, opening up and revealing the Art Form that is Shibari in a beautiful and informative way


Would Highly Recommend both Scarlot and Christian, particularly if/when they run another similar workshop


Thank you both for another superb and unique day"

- Photographer, Gary Mac

ScarlotRose-10Aug18 10-33-53.jpg

Photography: Carl Grim, Rigging: Scarlot

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